Bike2Boat is about travelling with a light eco footprint.
We are biking from river to river with kayaks in tow.
To paddle some of the best whitewater of Europe.
Because change starts with our own actions.

We are a bunch of dudes who like to paddle and pedal. Bike2Boat is about leaving the car in the garage and pedalling from river to river in search of good times and good lines. Learn more about who we are, where we are headed next and how to become a Bike2Boater. 

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Olaf Obsommer is offering his first LIVE STREAM presentation of the BIKE2BOAT adventures.

During the presentation, Olaf will explain the idea and concept behind BIKE2BOAT and give you deep insights and details about their journey, experiences and painful lessons. In the break and after the show Olaf will participate in a Q&A via Live Chat.

Bike2Boat 2020

3 Weeks Through the Alps

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Fjords & Waterfalls

3 Weeks Through Norway's Fjordlands

Through the Alps

5 countries. 2200km. 35000m elevation.

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Portrait Olaf Obsommer

the team

Who are we?


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How to become a Bike2Boater

1. Get a bike + a trailer

2. Pick a destination

3. Do it!

selfie special

From Day 1: Cannes …


… to Day 52: Venice

Daily selfie from our 2013 Bike2Boat Alps trip. 


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