We are a bunch of dudes who try to paddle and bike as much as possible – and sometimes do both together. Come and join us!


Olaf Obsommer

Big-O / Camera guy & Expeditionist / Initiator of Bike2Boat / Born 1970 / Lives in Raubling, Germany

Olaf got the first tender touches with the wonderful world of paddling as a baby in his mother’s belly canoeing the River Rhine. From that point on, things progressed quickly. Olaf grew tall, taller still, eventually huge. Now – for a long time, long before the smartphone epidemic – he has been travelling the earth exploring wild rivers.

His camera is always with him, capturing these adventures for eternity. For this, he has been honored several times with film prizes and media awards. But his professional photography career was obstructed by »other jobs«. He completed training as an industrial mechanic, before dropping out of both a mechanical engineering and nursing education, and eventually trained as a certified geriatric nurse, working in the profession for eight years. Now, as a self-proclaimed media mogul, a travel/kayak expedition lecturernd president of Big-O-Productions, Obsommer has found finally his passion in storytelling

Many of his adventures captured with his camera were aired in German TV like ZDF, RTL, NTV, N24, SAT1 and BR3. His work has been described by TV stations as »sensational action and nature shots«. During his live-interviews he shares his adventures in an honest and light-hearted way, including ample funny stories.

Jens Klatt

Aka Jensen / Photographer & Daddy / Initiator of Bike2Boat / Born 1980 / Lives near Augsburg, Germany

Jens no longer spends 200 days a year in a kayak, so he is hesitant to call himself a paddler. These days he is more often seen riding his fatbike in the forests near his house, or chilling on the trampoline with his son, Theo. A few years ago, he exchanged a seasons ski ticket for touring skis and he maintains his own vegetable patch and sometimes even skips school on a Friday (#fridaysforfuture). A real hippy? No! He also uses air travel for work and drives a diesel van.

Over the years Jens has gained a high reputation in the outdoor business for his photography work. His work has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers such as Outdoor, Men‘s Health, Allmountain, Free Men’s World, 4-Seasons and Globetrotter Magazine. Jens works regularly for happy clients like Adidas, Globetrotter, NRS or the German Alpine Association (DAV) and also exercises his creative mind through graphic-design projects.

adrian mattern

Nickname: Atte / Member of the SEND kayaking crew / Born 1995 / Lives in Innsbruck, Austria

Adrian is the latest in a long line of progressive German paddlers. A few short years ago, Adrian left school to pursue kayaking full-time, and since then has squeezed in a lot of travel, competitions and waterfall descents. Despite being cool, calm and collected almost all the time, Adrian is no slouch on the race course and has even been known to show up randomly, moments before the start of events, and win.

Adrian is the fourth person whom successfully beat the 128ft Big Banana Falls in Mexico and also defeated the 100ft Alexandra Falls in Canada.

brendan orton

You can call him »Bren« / Part of the SEND crew / Born 1994 / Lives in Innsbruck, Austria

Like Adrian, this happy ginger dude from Warrington, England, left school as quickly as possible to pursue kayaking full-time. Previously known exclusively for his freestyle skills, since being adopted by the infamous »Demshitz« crew in 2012, he has gained a reputation for going hard on creeks, rivers and waterfalls aswell.

Bren is happiest when he is on the water with his friends, but he also enjoys picking heavy things up and putting them down (a.k.a going to the gym) and contrary to popular belief, he can actually read.

Philip Baues

Bike2Boater since day 1 / Editor & Journalist / Born 1983 / Lives in Augsburg, Germany

Philip is a freelance journalist writing for outdoor magazines such as 4-Seasons, KANUmagazin, Globetrotter Magazine, Kayak Session, Abenteuer Reisen and more. He also created ahoimag – a core magazine for the whitewater paddling scene in Germany. Philip would still go for the big stuff in his kayak and travel the globe searching for adventures and new rivers – but he is currently busy changing diapers.

Lukas Wielatt

Bike2Boater since day 1 / Drone pilot & Engineer / Born 1978 / Lives in Rhäzüns, Switzerland

Lukas took part in the first Bike2Boat tour in Norway in 2012 and accompanied parts of the 2013 tour through the Alps with his drone. He is not only a genius in plastics and mechanical engineering, but also a reliable paddling partner.